Muña Tea


About two months ago, I set off on a volunteer trip to Peru. I spent two weeks volunteering in a school, facilitating learning and growth in children with programming that used a Sport for Development philosophy. The students and teachers will forever stay in my teams’ hearts. Seriously cheesy, I know. They leapt into our programming with as much enthusiasm as we did and promised to integrate it into their regular curriculum. Three cheers for sustaining programming.

After volunteering, my team and I spent over a week more backpacking across the country. So many planes, trains, buses, taxis, boats, walking…In one of our stops, we stayed over on an island, Amantani, atop of Lake Titicaca. I stayed with a local family for a night, so we hiked, danced, and ate together in the time we had together. One of the drinks I was given was muña tea–simply a mint tea. But made more magical when I saw my host pluck the mint on our way to lunch. How fun, eh?

I’ve been back in Toronto for over a month now. Back to the hustle and bustle of the city. Back to real life.