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Survey for a University Research Project

From your friendly neighbourhood university student comes a request:

Hello all,

I’m a student at Guelph University in a product development class and we could really use your help with this consumer survey. We need to learn more about what mothers tend to consume and why and what the general public thinks of the Tostitos brand.

Here is the recipes survey link:

Here is the consumer survey link:

Both surveys ask questions about what sort of corn chips you purchase and what you use the corn chips for (other recipes, snacks, etc) and whether product background is important to you when purchasing food items (ie. local food, natural food, environmentally friendly etc). 

Thanks in advance for your time!

Thank you kindly, everyone. We appreciate you greatly.


Taste of The Danforth 2011

I forgot to take a picture of the festival-goers, so I drew you this picture with my laptop. It’s a beauty: one of my best works. You see that thing on the left? That’s a cake on a table. You can have a slice, if you want.

Spinach pie from Athens Pastries! Or, spanakopita. It’s my first one and it was delicious. It was a huge piece though, so I felt a bit sick after. The cheese pie (tiropita) tasted great too; very savoury and creamy.

So, during this past weekend, I went to my first Taste of The Danforth Festival, an event which celebrates Greek food and culture in Toronto—something I know very little about. I had never been in the Danforth neighbourhood either in all my years as a Toronotonian. The festival was huge, a street was blocked off for festival-goers, and hundreds of people showed up in the hot day to sample foods and watch people dance and do their bits on stage. The lines were long and there were so many people, so I sampled only a few foods before skipping merrily away to spend time elsewhere in Toronto.

Again, a first for me, a beef gyro. Some quick googling explains to me that the first picture shows the meet being roasted on a vertical spit. The man in the picture is cutting bits of the meat off with a small, strange contraption. This tasted delicious as well. I think that sandwiches are always great, especially with newly cooked fillings. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the restaurant, but kudos to them.

(…How do you pronounce gyro? I was able to duck that bullet by asking for “the beef one”.)

Goodness gracious, everything is a first for me here. This is a piece of baklava (a honey-soaked pastry with plenty of nuts). There’s so many layers! I liked this the most of all the foods I tried. It was such a humongous piece, though. Man. I still haven’t finished it yet.

Now, this is a really bad picture of a roast quail. It looks a little creepy. My mom says that this picture looks like a person. Roast human? Not very appetizing-sounding, eh?

So, yes. Festival complete. Hurrah.

2011 T&T Waterfront Night Market

How often do you rock out to a band whose name you don’t even know?

Well, I sadly didn’t rock out per se yesterday night at the T&T Waterfront Night Market. However, there was a man who had a serious man crush on the band, Fade Chromatic. That guy sure had a lot of fun hopping and whooping. He looked so happy. The band was neat too.

So, sister and I went to this night market again this summer.

Does the above picture of a bulgogi beef bao remind you of anything? Momofuku! David Chang’s open face buns! And I’m in Toronto and not New York, woo (although it’s still not Momfuku). It sure was tasty and different from the normally closed buns.

I’ve always eaten fish balls and beef balls on sticks but…lobster balls? What else can people puree into a paste and roll into balls for consumption…

Yutopia’s “Ninja Panda”: black sesame ice cream covered in condensed milk and sprinkled with toasted peanuts and sugar. I like Yutopia and I like black sesame ice cream. This creation was only ok though…

Mochi! Green tea mocha with a red bean filling! It was disappointing though. Icy cold, hard, and flat. Darn.

Taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake, filled with chocolate. I only bought it ‘cause it was shaped like a fish. I’m grateful that it tasted good.

There was a huge crowd of people but the lines for food were not long at all yesterday night. Although I wasn’t impressed with most of the food I tried, it was still a lot of fun walking around, hunting down new stuff to try. Too many people began speaking mandarin to me though, and I could not understand a word…

1000 Tastes of Toronto

Do you like summer in the city?

Hot asphalt concrete and hot exhaust fumes are the first two things that I think about when I think of summer in the city. Hot shimmery sunlight too.

Mmm, parks are nice to be in, where there are trees and grass. Water is nice to be near too, even if you can’t go in it. I envy those with cottages. The teenagers in the city mostly take refuge in the malls. Seriously—the malls are crawling with kids in their teen years.

One neat thing about being in the city of Toronto during the summer is that there are an abundance of festivals to check out and get lost in. I haven’t been to many in my lifetime yet, so it’s supa cool to see the stuff that the folk have put so much effort into.

This past weekend, my sister and I went to eyeball the 1000 Tastes of Toronto event that’s a part of the Luminato festival. After listening to a Lunchtime Conversation panel of 4 chefs and 1 dude (not sure what to call him, he owns and is the bossman of one of the restaurants) (that was neat, I had never listened to professional chefs [or professional anythings, really] speak before and these guys really love food), we headed to the street to look at the gourmet street foods for sale. At $5 a plate, my sister and I sampled a few food stuffs created by some of Toronto’s notable chefs.

President’s Choice set up about a bagazillion plates for folks to pen in their fave restaurant/food stuffs/memory of food of Toronto.

Khao San Road’s green tea + fruit drink, pork belly sausage, and papaya salad.

Poutini’s House of Poutine‘s…poutine. With meat gravy.


Dufflet’s strawberry + rhubarb tart and brownie. (Dufflet! Dufflet! Ma seesta’s a fan! Call her! Call her! She’ll mop your floors for pennies if you let her glimpse your kitchens!)

It was all very delicious. It was all very fun.


These things look so funny, man.

They’re…hairy. And pink. And edible.

When eating rambutan, I usually use my teeth to break open the skin, then use my fingers to rip it off. Some people like being more sanitary. They might use knives to get to the fruit flesh. Or the digits on their hands. (Teeth are very reliable, though, and will get the job done)

The translucent skin is chewy, mildly sweet, and encompasses a small seed. It’s hard to describe the taste…reminds me of logans and lychee. And what do those taste like? Kinda like the Asian fruit, rambutan. Kinda different.

I wanted to find a recipe to use these little guys in.

They’re such a treat though, I don’t eat them very often. So…I show them off to you in all their naked glory instead.  I ate them raw and fresh. One of the best ways to savour its true taste, eh?

Next time…maybe it’ll go in a fruit salad.