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Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

How do you get a bashful mini cupcake to pose for a photograph?

Unfortunately, I’m not completely sure. I’ve tried to wheedle. I’ve tried to blackmail. I’ve tried begging. I’ve tried complimenting. Sometimes, cupcakes just don’t want to pose pretty.

In those situations, I try to tell myself that cupcakes are pretty no matter what. It not what’s on the outside that counts, it’s what on the inside. Photographs sometimes, just doesn’t translate well. But…what if cupcakes are rotten on the inside too? Photos won’t translate that well either. Then, woe! Oh, woe is us! Stuck with a rotten cupcake inside and out.

Then, of course, you must believe in your cupcake. You can change your cupcake. But of course, you must also not strain yourself, some cupcakes are lost causes. Cheesecakes cupcakes cannot turn to me in times of need, I must refer those kiddos to someone else who can save them.

I’m trying to write a philosophy paper right now. It’s my first one. It’s not going well.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes
baked these with a buddy for another recipe with the recipe by Disney Family

I seem to have burned the mini’s poor bum…


Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Some time ago, I asked for a weekend off work and I nearly fainted from fright.

You see, I hadn’t even completed my first day on the job yet and I was already asking for a weekend off work. Och.

But a celebration was to be had! Some dancing had to be done! Loud and obnoxious singing were in my plans! It was a birthday! It was a party day! It was meet-the-boyfriend-of-the-birthday girl-for-the-first-time day!

Needless to say, I got my days off and another friend and I got cracking on the cake: chocolate cake with a chocolate butter cream in the middle and a strawberry butter cream all around.

Our reaction: Meh. It was too sweet. Cake by itself? GOOOD. Strawberry butter cream by itself? DOUBLE GOOD. It actually tasted like strawberries and sugar! Wow! But when you eat it in a larger portion and all together…didn’t work as well as it could have.

But it’s alright! Still had a blast! Canoeing and eating and card-playing. Birthdays are so fabulous. Unless, you know, they are not fabulous. Then…I hope your next one is happier.

Pumpkin Pasties
We used this One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe from Sips and Spoonfuls.
And then we used the Chocolate Buttercream and Strawberry Buttercream recipes from The Little Red House. The chocolate buttercream tasted like canned frosting—-not an insult! That was not an insult! My sister and I would eat that stuff with our fingers. And the strawberry buttercream tasted like strawberries and sugar. And look at that piping by The Little Red House! We tried to replicate that piped frosting look. However, our lack of supplies (we used a ziploc bag) combined with our mediocre skill resulted in…something different.

Martha Stewart’s Oreo Cupcakes

Martha Stewart is THE MAN. Wait…or is she the woman? …the person?

When did this girl get to be so clever?

She’s ensnared me into this oreo cupcake recipe by placing a whole oreo onto the bottom of every cheesecake cupcake. How awesome is that?! You get a cookie…with your cupcake. Pure gorgeousness. My mind…was blown…away.

Sadly though, I’m one of the worse judges for these cupcakes. Cheesecakes and I don’t always mix too well. I always feel like I’m eating paste. Is it really cake when I don’t need to chew?

Drat. My cupcakes were over baked.

Awwww…look at that oven burn.

Anyways, me seesta  of shewhosleepswithstars said that they tasted good. That’s gotta count for something—even if Fatty Dumpling, the actual creator think that cheesecake is weird . They sure are pretty though, eh?

Chinese Sausage Cupcakes

These cupcakes are like, totally naked.

There is no frosting to decorate these cakes. Instead, the Chinese sausage unabashedly takes centre stage. Like freckles! Don’t hide them! They’re beautiful!

My mom has memories of Vietnam and these cupcakes. The base is a fluffy sponge cake, the recipe of which can be found on me seesta’s blog, shewhosleepswithstars. The top is a sprinkling of Chinese sausages, dried shrimp, and century egg yolks, quickly fried up (probably with a bit of garlic).

I didn’t document the recipe, but like unplanned freckles, I’m sure that you can improvise something awesome up.

Cake Pops

ROAR, bellows the cake pops.

Yes, cake pops do roar for your attention. They will have no wimpy squeaking in their midst.

The sister had a bake sale at school, so we got busy making cake pops to enchant teenage eyes and bellies. Brother, sister, and Fatty Dumpling melted many candy melts and smashed a whole lot of cake that day. In the end, decorating the little pops was the most fun part—with all the candy-sticking, decorating, and icing-piping that we did.

That Bakerella. How did she revolutionize the pastry world and leave her mark? She stuck a stick in a cake ball. And made magic.