Cream Biscuits

by fattydumpling

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You know what is nice?

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It’s sometimes nice to eat with other people.

Dumbbutt fatty dumpling. Of course it’s nice to eat with other people. But hear me out first.

In Guelph, I often bake and cook alone; and thus eat alone. I also make food and eat with other people…but there are times when I want to be enveloped in the soft glow of my kitchen by myself as I knead a soft pile of bread dough. Sometimes, the kitchen is silent except for the sound of my hands quietly immersing themselves in flour. Sometimes, if roommates were around, they can hear my high thin voice warbling along to the loud music playing in my ears.

The oven has been spitting out more baked goods lately because making food calms my nerves and I have been feeling pretty stressed lately.

3 cream biscuits

I was alone when I pulled these biscuits out of the belly of my oven. I was alone when I bit into these fragrant little dough balls. I was alone when I realized, it would be nice if someone else was beside me, tasting these too.

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I must start seeking people out. We’re all busy, but we must also make time for each other.

A few years ago, there was one day when I was hanging out with two buddies. We were all students together so I asked them about their workload. Both boys said they had labs due the next day.

Did you already finish them?
WHAT. What are you doing here with me then?! You should be working on your assignments!
-Don’t worry. We’ll get to them.

I was worried for their academic career, but also touched that they chose to spend time with me. They might also just e stoopid boys. Stoopid, stoopid boys.

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Cream Biscuits
recipe by Smitten Kitchen