Peanut Butter Cups

by fattydumpling

Why, hello there! How do you do? Please, sit down. Have a cuppa.

I’ve been away for a while. I apologize.

After school ended last April, my summer’s been busy with awesomeness. Yes, I am bragging. Awesomeness! Awesomeness! 2012 has been grand! I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

Now, I read multiple blogs. The ones that I’ve stuck to the longest are the ones that share deets about their lives. I’m a sucker for love stories. I don’t have a love story (sorry, cheeseballs), but I would like to tell you more about my life.

Unfortunately for you, readers, I am also a private person. The desire to share is conflicting with my fear of sharing. Harhar. I’ll do it slowly. No worries–I’ll be victorious. It’s me against myself, I’ll win either way.

Ahemhem…when I left my summer student position this past summer, I wanted to bring something in to share. My workplace was a little non-profit organization with a lot of heart. I will miss the people and my job dearly—I learned a lot and was thrown into many big responsibilities. I was responsible for people, sensitive information, new projects…I couldn’t believe that I had the chance to do those things.

Anywho, I brought homemade peanut butter cups to share with my colleagues. They were easy to make and delicious to eat. These peanut butter cups are a sure-fire way to impress—if you want to impress.

Now, I’m back in school again and navigating the wily ways of education. It’s too exciting. I’m giddy.

Peanut Butter Cups
Recipe from Have Cake Will Travel

I used this recipe, but adjusted it to a mini muffin pan. It was about a teaspoon for each chocolate layer. For the peanut butter middle, I broke off a bit of the peanut butter mixture, rolled it, flattened it, and placed it in the middle before covering everything with the second layer of chocolate. Remember to tap your muffin pan against your counter after each chocolate layer to make everything even! Good luck!