Molasses Cookies

by fattydumpling

You know what? The pictures on this blog do not convey how I actually bake or cook or eat my food. The picture above seems to convey the idea that I like to eat my cookies while reading a magazine and drinking a cuppa tea.

In reality, although I do eat while reading/watching TV/studying etc. ,  I would never use napkins or plates when I can get away with my hands. And tea? Can’t wait. Too busy burning my hands while shoveling still-hot cookies straight from the cookie sheet to my mouth. I can wipe my dirty hands on my shirt.

I don’t pour pretty molasses in front of a pretty sun atop a dark-wooded table. I don’t set my food gorgeously for myself to eat off. It’s very deceiving. My pictures lie.

But it’s so much fun, eh? I don’t particularly want to set my food prettily up to bake/cook/eat every day, but it’s certainly nice sometimes–especially when pictures are involved.

We both must say good bye to these beautifully dark woods and tan plates that have accompanied my pictures for the last little while. My school semester has ended and I’m back in Toronto for the summer. However, in September, a new apartment and a new set of plates await for in the upcoming new school semester—to think, 5 different sets of plates and bowls have been featured on this blog already from all the different places I’ve lived at in the past few years. Mindblowing.

These molasses cookies were one of the few things that I baked for my old roomie and I to nom on—they were fantastic. Very chewy, sweet, salty, and spicy.

Summer is here and it is beckoning. Here comes the sun, little darling…

Molasses Cookies
Recipe by Crosby’s Molasses