Raspberry Yogurt Muffins

by fattydumpling

You people-watch too, right?

No, not creepy behind-the-bushes-with-binoculars-people-watching, goodness, no.  I mean basic observation. Everyone does it: noticing bits and pieces of people. Funny anecdotes can be had if you observe long enough. Maybe sadly hilarious stories of girls who had unknowingly tucked her skirt in her leggings—which hopefully ends with you acting as a good Samaritan and running after her to tell her about her unfortunate clothing mishaps. Unless she had purposefully tucked her skirt into her leggings. You never know with fashion nowadays. People will walk down the street naked soon enough with the way things are going.

My university is medium sized and it’s definitely a sight to see when the bell tolls and thousands of students spill out of class and into their next ones. The students always seem to be so busy. They walk quickly, eyes forward, determined to get to their destinations. I’m one of them.

When I slow down and start looking…I realize that no one’s looking back at me. With a bit more confidence, I start watching and realize…everyone’s so beautiful in the world. No, truly, I do. Granted, everyone going to university is at the prime of their life, but even outside of universities, everyone is so gorgeous.

There’s a male senior downtown that I always see. He’s also always yelling in Italian. He usually sounds angry. At first glance, I’d probably look away and hope to Buddha that he doesn’t notice me. On second thought, maybe someone should find out what he’s upset about, if he is, and if no one has already. At a second glance, he’s really interesting to behold and neat to observe for a while…

Of course, I don’t really know how well everyone’s external beauty reveals how they truly are and how they treat others. They might be mean son of a ducks. But, you know, give them a chance, eh?

HOHOHOHO, I’m not too sure why I got into that little speel, but I made some raspberry yogurt muffins. I saw this variety of muffin for sale on campus and seriously had an urge to try making them. (This was a few months back when raspberries were still in season.) And, evidently, I did.

When I think of ‘raspberry yogurt’, I think of a delight of a treat, soft and sweet. My muffins came out just like that, but I also wanted creaminess…if that flavour could have come out in a muffin. Sour plain yogurt and fresh raspberries did not result in creaminess—but perhaps heaps of sugar and raspberry-flavoured yogurt will justify creaminess next time.

Are these muffins pretty at first glance? Or do they look like mini boulders? Well, like I wrote above, give ‘em a chance. Spread the love. Joy. Happyhappyhappy.

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins
shoot…..where did I put that recipe…