Spelt Bread

by fattydumpling

Do you see it?

Do you see the bite mark in the butter? The butter was spread so thickly and luxuriously that I left teeth marks when I bit into the bread. The butter was not scraped on, but slathered as I would with buttercream frosting on cake. O, joy! Such creamy lusciousness.

The bread, on the other hand…was different. The bread was made with spelt flour and I can’t tell whether it’s the flour or the recipe but…it tasted like dirt. Dirt! Food’s not supposed to taste like dirt! Unless you have dirt on it. After chewing some more, I made peace with the taste (perhaps instead of dirt, the bread, in fact, tastes more like….grains. It tasted like wholesome grains) but then picked on the rest of the bread. I came up with a heavy, dry loaf that was hard to swallow. Maybe it’s me. The colour’s quite gorgeous at least.

Anywho, just look at the butter. Look at the teeth mark in the butter…

Spelt Bread
I used the recipe by allrecipes.com