Whole Wheat Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, and Carrot Cookies

by fattydumpling

I find myself on more than a few occasions wishing that I liked things as much as others like them—rather than harbouring deeply negative thoughts about them (like wanting to punch fictional characters in the face—with knuckle dusters. NO, not knuckle dusters, that would be violent and undeservingly mean. O, jeez, my heart is all in a nervous flutter over how cruel that must have sounded.)

I wish that I like coffee (too bitter, but smells so good).

I wish that I like the movie Bridesmaids (Revolutionary film with strong female comics…I feel anti-feminist for not loving it. I don’t find it hilarious.)

I wish that I like watching sports (collective cheering and high-fiving looks fun).

I wish that I like bitter melons (too green—kiiiiiiding, too bitter).

I wish that I like watching Korean dramas (too…much…pouting…stoppit.)

Alcohol…there’s a lot of things out there that I shouldn’t knock until I try them, eh?

Whole wheat cookies, an entity that I once thought would fail, hands down. How about whole wheat cookies with a vegetable in it too? And oats! These whole wheat oatmeal, carrot, and chocolate chip cookies came oat amazingly well. I had a huge fear that they’d come out cakey, like muffin tops, so I squished them down slightly. Instead, the cookies came out chewy and delicious, tender from all the grains and grated carrots and you can definitely taste all of the ingredients.

I need to give everything else a second chance, don’t I?

However, I had a funny conversation with one of my clients once about this topic. I was going on and on in a self-pitying speech about how I wished that I understood the movie, Bridesmaids, and why people liked it. Why, o why? “Oh, you’re one of those people,” my client said. “What people?” I asked. “You care what other people think of you,” he told me. His comment stopped me in my tracks immediately. It was true. But…..should I really be putting so much effort and worry about a movie? Naw.

So, live your lives as you see fit, my peaches (but lend a ear to advice as well–might be wise stuff.)

Whole Wheat, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, and Carrot Cookies
I used the recipe by Marcus Samuelsson. The only thing I changed was using whole grain flour instead of whole wheat flour.