Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

by fattydumpling

I’ve never walked around alone in the dark as I have in these past 4 months.

I don’t drive, and buses sometimes don’t run early enough for me to get to work sometimes, so I walk the hour to work. On other times, my work runs late and I miss the last bus, so I walk the hour home. True, I can take the cab, but I am an awful cheapskate. Rather use that money for groceries. Or books. You should see my pantry and bookshelf. I’ll never be hungry for food or stories! BWAH!

Did you know…that skunks exist in the world? Personally, I’ve only seen them on tv. I did not realize that until I saw many in real life. Goodness gracious, it is terrifying to see one run directly towards you. They are terrifying runners! Their bodies roll and tumble like sacks of potatoes falling down a hill. I’d guffaw outloud if I wasn’t running away to keep my skin human-smelling.

To make up for all the skunk existence that pops into being at night, people seem to disappear. It’s rare for me to bump into a human soul in the night time. It’s just me and the world at night. And the stars! They exist and they twinkle!  So, it’s me, the world, the stars, and the skunks.

My story about skunks and the night has nothing to do with the food I made: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip granola bars. I just really wanted to share my amazement with you. To re-cap: 1. Skunks are fur-reaky when they run. 2. Stars exist. 3. It’s not that scary to walk alone in the middle of the night. Just don’t think too hard about the things that go bump in the night.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
I used the recipe by Two Peas & Their Pod.