Harry Potter’s Pumpkin Pasties

by fattydumpling

Have you ever read a book and became completely engrossed in their foods?

Harry Potter fan? Y’know that first scene when Harry first meets Ron in the train that was headed for Hogwarts? The trolley comes along with a lady selling food. Harry buys loads and loads and shares them Ron?

Well, that was a beautiful scene: two boys bonding and forming a lifelong friendship while sharing sweets. And Ron’s corned beef “sandwiches lay forgotten”. …Poor sandwiches.

Anywho, it was Canada’s Thanksgiving Day a few days ago. It’s not something that I usually make a point to engage in—but this year, it was neat to have a friend over to break bread with and enjoy the company of. I’m usually thankful to have her and every other good thing in my life every day, but it was a beautiful thought to know that people across my nation was doing the same thing at the same time I was, eh? Being thankful, that is. Bee-u-tee-full.

Harry Potter’s British. I’m Canadian. Thus, when I read the books as a kid, I thought that I didn’t recognize the foods because they were all weird British stuff. Pumpkin pasties…did they exist before Harry Potter? Pasties…pasties…paste-tees? Pas-tees? See! Weird.

So, my friend and I had our own beautiful scene along with the rest of our country (if they celebrated, of course): bonding and celebrating our lifelong friendship with a big dinner and the pasties. Pastry covered pumpkin stuffs just screams appreciation, right? Yumyumyum.

Pumpkin Pasties
I used the Butter Flaky Pie Crust recipe from allrecipes for the pastry.
I used the Pumpkin Pasties recipe from Diamonds for Dessert, except that I doubled the spices for more spice and added a half cup of trail mix (you can add a combo of any nuts/dried fruits that you like) for a contrast in texture and some more yum factor).

P.S. That wine bottle up there was something I used in place of a rolling pin. It worked well–I just wrapped it in parchment paper to create a nonstick surface. It’s also my roommate’s and she doesn’t know that I did that.