Martha Stewart’s Oreo Cupcakes

by fattydumpling

Martha Stewart is THE MAN. Wait…or is she the woman? …the person?

When did this girl get to be so clever?

She’s ensnared me into this oreo cupcake recipe by placing a whole oreo onto the bottom of every cheesecake cupcake. How awesome is that?! You get a cookie…with your cupcake. Pure gorgeousness. My mind…was blown…away.

Sadly though, I’m one of the worse judges for these cupcakes. Cheesecakes and I don’t always mix too well. I always feel like I’m eating paste. Is it really cake when I don’t need to chew?

Drat. My cupcakes were over baked.

Awwww…look at that oven burn.

Anyways, me seesta  of shewhosleepswithstars said that they tasted good. That’s gotta count for something—even if Fatty Dumpling, the actual creator think that cheesecake is weird . They sure are pretty though, eh?