Pretzel Rolls

by fattydumpling

I have relocated yet again to another city. Coincidentally, although I have moved for a new co-op job, I’ve ended up in my ol’ university city of Guelph. Ho, cows! Ho, hippies! Ho, friends!

I’m going to have a blast here.

I was lucky to find a home to live in within a day of being in Guelph. My apartment is pretty sweet and includes a pretty sweet roommate in the package as well. We both hopped gleefully together when we decided that I’d move in with her—you can’t go wrong with two gleeful people living together, right?

So, a few days later, my friend Helen of Mind Fuck Daily came over to play and we made some pretzel rolls, recipe courtesy of Fossil Foods.

O, yum! O, deliciousness! O, party in my mouth!

It might have just been the salt topping the buns, but they’re like soft pretzels. In taste and texture: a crisp crust gives way to a soft and chewy centre. Great with butter. And it’s also a great beginning to baking and cooking in Guelph. (The good company is probably a great beginning to life in Guelph too.)