Kracie’s Happy Kitchen Donuts

by fattydumpling

What kinds of toys did you play with as a kid?

In my childhood, the dollar store was the holy grail of opportunity for my siblings and I. Stickers, little plastic toys, balls, paints and markers that dried up within a week…We were the kiddos of the first Playstation and the third Nintendo console (Nintendo 64). Street Fighter used to scare me poopless. Now, I admire the little dudes’ and dudettes’ abundant muscles.

We grew up with computers and thought that they had always existed. Now, I don’t think kids even know what a VCR is.

Kids grow up fast and toys have to keep up with their constant need for entertainment.

What the heck were Japanese kids playing with when I was a kid?

In an Asian snack shop, I found this edible toy made by the Kracie company. It’s called Happy Kitchen and kids mix up powders with water to make…mini donuts! What?! Cool! We can eat it?!

My brother said that in contrast to the $5 I paid for this box, Japanese kids find this in their equivalent of my dollar store (…the 100 yen store?). Fabulous! If I was a drooling babe in Japan, maybe my fascination with dollar store toys would have translated to this boxed mix.

So, my brother, sister, and I sat around this tiny kit to make tiny donuts together. We cut, poured, mixed, squeezed…It was hilarious seeing my brother’s huge hand sprinkle tiny sprinkles onto a tiny donut.

It was fun! A whole lot of work to come up with 8 donuts—it’s a toy that will definitely take up time. And a person can come up with some pretty cute little donuts, eh?

Taste-wise, though…it was…revolting. Well, it was palatable. I actually liked the taste of the strawberry frosting. That frosting tasted like yummy artificial strawberries. The sprinkles were sweet and crunchy and the other frosting tasted reminiscently of what they were supposed to taste like. The thing that was off-putting was the texture and taste of the donuts themselves. They were squishy and tasted like soggy bread.

So, it was a good purchase for the fun-value, but never buy again for food. And don’t even think about what might be in those powders…

Kracie’s Happy Kitchen Donuts
these instructions summarizes those found on the toy box and from the videos by RRcherrypie and emmymadeinjapan; and of course, my own experiences

In your box kit, you should find:

1 plastic tray
1 blue plastic spoon
2 large packages of powder for the donuts
3 small packages of powder for the icing
1 icing bag
1 bag of sprinkles
1 bag of cookie crumbs

  1. The plastic wrapping was made to be used as a place mat. Cut it up on the dotted lines or rip it open.
  2. Cut up your plastic tray into three different parts for easy donut creation. The donut moulds should be cut off of the 3 tray section for mixing powders. In one corner, there is a little tray that should be cut off—this is what you use to measure water for mixing.
  3. In the largest tray, pour in the large orange package of powder. This is the vanilla donut powder. Using the small water tray, pour in water, one at a time until a pliable dough is formed, using the blue spoon to mix . (It took me 8 trays of water). Separate the dough into 4 equal pieces. Take the dough out of the tray.
  4. Complete step 5 with the large brown package of powder—this is the chocolate donut powder.
  5. With each piece of dough, press them into the donut moulds. Tap the bottom gently to remove the donuts from the donut moulds. (If you push the bottom of the moulds with your fingers, you’ll risk ruining the moulds for future donuts).
  6. In the small slanted tray, pour in the powder from the small blue package and mix in one small water tray. This is the vanilla icing.
  7. In the small rectangular tray, pour in the powder from the small red package and mix in one small water tray. This is the vanilla icing.
  8. In the large tray, pour in the powder from the small brown package and mix in one small water tray. This is the chocolate icing. Spoon all of the chocolate icing into the small icing bag and snip off a corner so you can ice your donuts with it.
  9. With your spoon, ice your donuts with your icing. Ice with the icing in the icing bag. And sprinkle on the sprinkles and cookie crumbs.
  10. Eat and enjoy!