Juice Box Smoothie

by fattydumpling

Most of my smoothies contain only of one hundred percent fruit. Yo.

Half are frozen fruits I chopped and pushed into the freezer. They’re there to make the smoothies deliciously icy and thick. The other half is fresh fruits. They’re there to prevent my poor blender from exploding from exhaustion (by making the job easier). I would blend purely frozen fruits if I could. I once tried that when I worked as a smoothie girl—never again. A blender whining is one pathetic sound.

So, liquids aren’t usually a star ingredient in my smoothies.

One day, though, I quickly stuck a tetra pac of soy milk in my freezer. It was just a few days past the best before date and I didn’t want to chuck it in the trash.

What to do with a frozen carton of soy milk?

Well, you can probably guess what by now what I did. I gave it to my hamster to lie on to keep cool. No, you silly goose! I chopped it up to make a smoothie!

This frozen carton/tetra pac/juice box smoothie is nifty. If I throw a juice box in the freezer, I wouldn’t have to think about needing to freeze fruits. Adding chopped fresh fruit in the blender with the frozen juice will add the soft textures needed for the smoothie to blend properly. It tastes good too.

Juice Box Smoothie

½ – 1 frozen juice box*
¾ – 1 cup of chopped fresh fruit**

Blend your ingredients together until desired consistency and serve when ready. Place your fresh fruits on the bottom of your blender (where the food meets the blender blades) and place your frozen juice (or whatever your tetra pac contains) on the top. This allows smoother blending.

*Half a juice box will result in a smoother smoothie—thin enough to go up a straw. I used the entire juice box ‘cause I like icyness and thicker smoothies. If you use the entire juice box though, you’ll run the risk of the smoothie tasting more like the frozen liquid.

**Same deal. Add less fruit if you want it to be icier and thicker, add more if you want it thinner and want the fruit to have more of a presence. Basically, feel free to play around with ratios!