2011 T&T Waterfront Night Market

by fattydumpling

How often do you rock out to a band whose name you don’t even know?

Well, I sadly didn’t rock out per se yesterday night at the T&T Waterfront Night Market. However, there was a man who had a serious man crush on the band, Fade Chromatic. That guy sure had a lot of fun hopping and whooping. He looked so happy. The band was neat too.

So, sister and I went to this night market again this summer.

Does the above picture of a bulgogi beef bao remind you of anything? Momofuku! David Chang’s open face buns! And I’m in Toronto and not New York, woo (although it’s still not Momfuku). It sure was tasty and different from the normally closed buns.

I’ve always eaten fish balls and beef balls on sticks but…lobster balls? What else can people puree into a paste and roll into balls for consumption…

Yutopia’s “Ninja Panda”: black sesame ice cream covered in condensed milk and sprinkled with toasted peanuts and sugar. I like Yutopia and I like black sesame ice cream. This creation was only ok though…

Mochi! Green tea mocha with a red bean filling! It was disappointing though. Icy cold, hard, and flat. Darn.

Taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake, filled with chocolate. I only bought it ‘cause it was shaped like a fish. I’m grateful that it tasted good.

There was a huge crowd of people but the lines for food were not long at all yesterday night. Although I wasn’t impressed with most of the food I tried, it was still a lot of fun walking around, hunting down new stuff to try. Too many people began speaking mandarin to me though, and I could not understand a word…