1000 Tastes of Toronto

by fattydumpling

Do you like summer in the city?

Hot asphalt concrete and hot exhaust fumes are the first two things that I think about when I think of summer in the city. Hot shimmery sunlight too.

Mmm, parks are nice to be in, where there are trees and grass. Water is nice to be near too, even if you can’t go in it. I envy those with cottages. The teenagers in the city mostly take refuge in the malls. Seriously—the malls are crawling with kids in their teen years.

One neat thing about being in the city of Toronto during the summer is that there are an abundance of festivals to check out and get lost in. I haven’t been to many in my lifetime yet, so it’s supa cool to see the stuff that the folk have put so much effort into.

This past weekend, my sister and I went to eyeball the 1000 Tastes of Toronto event that’s a part of the Luminato festival. After listening to a Lunchtime Conversation panel of 4 chefs and 1 dude (not sure what to call him, he owns and is the bossman of one of the restaurants) (that was neat, I had never listened to professional chefs [or professional anythings, really] speak before and these guys really love food), we headed to the street to look at the gourmet street foods for sale. At $5 a plate, my sister and I sampled a few food stuffs created by some of Toronto’s notable chefs.

President’s Choice set up about a bagazillion plates for folks to pen in their fave restaurant/food stuffs/memory of food of Toronto.

Khao San Road’s green tea + fruit drink, pork belly sausage, and papaya salad.

Poutini’s House of Poutine‘s…poutine. With meat gravy.


Dufflet’s strawberry + rhubarb tart and brownie. (Dufflet! Dufflet! Ma seesta’s a fan! Call her! Call her! She’ll mop your floors for pennies if you let her glimpse your kitchens!)

It was all very delicious. It was all very fun.