Durian Ice Cream

by fattydumpling

You know it’s summer in Chinatown when you can smell the pungent aroma of durian.

This is my rendition of what a durian looks like. It’s big and spiky.

This is a pic of what the inside looks like. Big yellow soft lumps. This picture includes a bowl. The fruit does not.

Some people might think that it smells or tastes like feet. Personally, I’ve never eaten feet.

Some folk are reminded of garbage when a whiff of durian is caught.

Hey guys. Look. Poop!

Some gentlefolk adore the smell and taste of durian. Eat it fresh. But if you get a hold of durian, one thing you should do after cracking it open with a cleaver would be to stick the yellow durian flesh into the freezer. After leaving it there for a few hours or overnight, take a stab at it with a spoon or a fork. the durian is so smooth and icy, that it’s just like ice cream.

Alternatively, serve it like ice cream!

Have you ever tried out that one-ingredient banana ice cream? This is the same deal. I realized that just about any fatty fruits can be blended into ice cream.

Come on. Try some durian. You know you want to.  Go ahead. Go wild. I assure you: you won’t forget the experience. I hope you join the club!

Durian Ice Cream
inspired from the kitchn

flesh from two durian seeds (only ingredient)

Take durian flesh off the seeds.

Put it in a freezer-safe container and stick it in the freezer overnight or 5-6 hours.

Take durian flesh and chuck it into a blender and blend until desired consistency has been reached.

I would recommend stopping the blender when the fruit is still icy and separate so the ice cream is icy and delicious. If you let the blender go on for longer, it’ll become really smooth. I like icy more, but it’s up to you.