Banana Bread Pudding Coffee Cake (with strawberries)

by fattydumpling

Two weeks ago, I voted for the leader of my country for the first time.

Two weeks ago  was also my last week at my co-op job.

In one week, I wrapped up two things that were grown-up. One: Participating in democracy by slipping in my ballot to vote. Two: Finishing up a job that made me feel like an adult, complete with adult paper work, an adult cubicle, and funny adult co-workers. I’m not sure which one was more difficult.

I’ll miss my job and the peeps.

But I welcomed my newfound unemployment by making a banana bread pudding coffee cake, recipe courtesy of Natalie from Cinnamon Bums. Such versatility! And it’s cake for breakfast!

Who knew that if you bake something that looks like basically raw oatmeal…you’d get something with a delicious cake texture? I didn’t. And you should find out.

Now, I’m gonna get down and dirty and try to write an essay while having a few lazy mornings to myself. With some cake.