Kettle Corn

by fattydumpling

Fatty Dumpling’s sister: Let’s make some POPCORN!

Fatty Dumpling: Popcorn?


Why do you want popcorn?

I feel like eating something SWEET and CRUNCHY!

Apples are sweet and crunchy. Eat one of those.

No. Apples are never sweet and crunchy.

OK. Let’s make some popcorn. Wanna make it with butter? I want to see how butter-flavoured popcorn turns out.

No–sugar! We have to make it with sugar!


Because I want something SWEET and CRUNCHY!

But butter flavoured—

–Butter’s going to taste wierd—suuuuuuugar!

Kettle Corn
Recipe summarized

1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup brown sugar*
1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels

Heat vegetable oil in large pot over medium heat. Place three popcorn kernels in pot and place lid on pot.

When all three kernels pop, the oil is now hot enough. Remove the popped kernels with chopsticks or tongs.

Carefully stir in the sugar into the oil until it is melted. This should only take a few seconds.

Pour the rest of the popcorn kernels into the pot and place the lid on the pot. Shake the pot for three seconds. Leave the pot on burner for three seconds. Alternate between shaking and leaving the pot on the burner.

When the popping slows down, remove the pop from the burner and pour popcorn into a bowl to enjoy.

*White sugar will make it taste like candy corn while brown sugar wil make it taste like caramel corn. I like the brown sugar.