Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

by fattydumpling

What does the above picture look like to you?

It looks like a hot gooey mess to me. Fortunately, it’s edible too. Ignore its messiness.

It was my sibling, shewhosleepswithstars’s anniversary of her birth earlier this month. And since I live in the same house as her this month, I graciously volunteered to bake her cake. She chose Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake. Go look at her neat one.

It was delicious. No seriously, it was delicious. You know those cakes that you’d call delicious, but then cannot finish eating? You know those cakes that you’d eat and call delicious but would forget to make again or lose the recipe with no hard feelings? You know those cakes that you’d call delicious because it truly was…but then you’re still on the look-out for the cake? This cake was not one of them. This one’s worth the plate-licking and crumb-collecting.

The icing and glaze was awesomely peanut buttery and chocolatey and did not become cloying after the last bite. The chocolate cake itself was light in comparison to the frosting and fluffily chocolate. Ooo, boy.

I could heap praise all I want, but you should try it for yourself. Except for those of you who are allergic to peanuts. For you…I am sorry. I’ll recommend something nutless later with you in mind.

Peace out.