Black Sesame Milk Bread

by fattydumpling

Do you like cheesy things?

With it being Valentine’s today, I hear more people groaning about it being a manufactured holiday rather than people taking it up to celebrate.

Come on, guys. Share the love.

Truth be told, if anyone tried any corny moves with me, I’d probably skip home as fast as I can to tell my sister about the poor fool who tried to woo me. I get awfully giddy when I get to hear and see friends fall head over heels for each other though. I used to serenade my roommates with cheesy songs. Sadly, cheesiness is subjective and my sort of cheese wasn’t the sort they preferred. I like stories too. Bring on the romantic comedies and wee chocolates for me to giggle over! Unfortunately, there’s some terrible rom-coms out there too and I sat through one yesterday…


So my point is: it’s your choice. But wouldn’t your day be happier if you chose to be happy than to hate? Unless, you’re happy to hate. And, well, then that’s your thing.

When I first saw this black sesame bread on Burp and Slurp, I thought that it’d be wacky to try—especially when the result is grey bread. The taste of black sesame is there, in all of its dark nutty awesomeness.  It’s supremely squishy stuff. It tastes good and looks fab with red, doesn’t it?