Banana Scones

by fattydumpling

I like to ask people about traditions that they may have during the holidays.

There’s those who hold family feasts. Some have ritual skates with friends at the city rink. Perhaps bells are tied to the family cat’s collar so there can be funny tinkling. Or is there an angerfest about how the holidays are for capitalist consumers and are filled with overspending and gluttony?

Whatever you peeps do, I hope that it is done with joy and with people you like.

For my family, we watch a movie together while eating a huge pizza with chicken wings, cake, popcorn, and soda. That’s how you can usually get the five of us together: a good show and food. I think that’s actually a good formula that pretty much works with any family.

One tradition that I have during my examinations would be to continuously crank stuff out of my oven. Naw, that was a lie. I always make stuff to eat. But this time around, with the holidays coming around, I felt like being posh and tried my hand at scones—because scones sounded fancy.

I used Anja’s recipe for banana cherry scones, but left out the cherries and they turned out great. They were bread-like in that they were soft and slightly sweetened by the bananas. You can taste the hearty whole wheat too.

Anyways, I wish that I was a tea drinker, so I could have treated myself to a solo tea party with my scones. Buuut, I’m not, so I settled for my soy milk. It was great.