No-Knead Bread

by fattydumpling

Last summer, my sister and I made frequent trips to the library. We’ve visited the library so many times in the past 11.5 years since moving into our present home that the librarians and security guards know us by name and many amusing conversations have been had. We’ve discussed daughters going into high school, noisy people disturbing the peace in the library, finding meat in my university dorm washroom in first year… I look forward to paying the library a few more visits once I get home after finals.

Although these people have been in my life for over half my life, I have to embarrassingly admit that I do not know their names. They cheated though! They know my names from holding my library card to check out my books.

Was that a weak argument? Would it have been common courtesy for me to ask for their names? Is it too late after 11.5 years? Maybe if I just smile at them and titter at their jokes, they’ll never know.

On one of our trips to the library, among our huge stacks of novels, magazines, cookbooks, movies, and CDs, I borrowed Jim Lahey’s book, My Bread: The Revolutionary, No-Work, No-Knead Method. Then, I fell head over heels, heart-stoppingly, dreadfully, and blindly into…infatuation with the book.

I’m still a noob at bread-baking, and don’t get me wrong, I adore the work that goes into making bread. I mean—I get to pound the dough! With my FISTS! For minutes! It’s too much fun for my eager (seemingly) violence-driven soul.

Jim Lahey’s breads just looked so pretty. He had pretty words too, and pretty promises that swore awesome bread if only I mixed flour and water and then abandoned it in a dark corner for hours. When I come back to the bread, I must toss it into a hot dutch oven and then cruelly shove it into a hot oven to bake. I felt up to it and was already practicing my evil scientist cackle to screech as my creation rose in the oven. There was only had one issue: no dutch oven. Oh, fiddle sticks.

I kissed the book goodbye and returned it to the library.

A few months later, I bought myself a dutch oven as an early birthday gift for the sole purpose of baking bread. I carried it in my arms for the long walk home and then proceeded to dance with it in my room. And then I promptly forgot about it.

Another few months later, I finally baked Jim Lahey’s basic no-knead bread, evil scientist cackle and all. And…my infatuation may have grown into love.

Now…would you dear people mind suggesting a few other uses for this new dutch oven of mine?