by fattydumpling

These things look so funny, man.

They’re…hairy. And pink. And edible.

When eating rambutan, I usually use my teeth to break open the skin, then use my fingers to rip it off. Some people like being more sanitary. They might use knives to get to the fruit flesh. Or the digits on their hands. (Teeth are very reliable, though, and will get the job done)

The translucent skin is chewy, mildly sweet, and encompasses a small seed. It’s hard to describe the taste…reminds me of logans and lychee. And what do those taste like? Kinda like the Asian fruit, rambutan. Kinda different.

I wanted to find a recipe to use these little guys in.

They’re such a treat though, I don’t eat them very often. So…I show them off to you in all their naked glory instead.  I ate them raw and fresh. One of the best ways to savour its true taste, eh?

Next time…maybe it’ll go in a fruit salad.