No Knead Yeasted Cardamom Banana Bread Rolls

by fattydumpling

I purposefully let my bananas rot the other day.

They were already spotty. So, they were already mushy. I just waited it out until they became, well, mushier.

A friend once told me that once you detach fruit from a plant, it immediately starts dying. The way my friend phrased that natural course for foodstuff just sounded so…heartbreaking. I didn’t like it. If we were to reword it, perhaps we can say, once you detach fruit from a plant, it immediately, er, begins its thrilling journey into our bellies. Again, it seems like only we get the happy endings. At least one of us is happy.

In this case, the end happened to be bread for the bananas. Not a loaf or muffins, but Aparna’s No Knead Yeasted Banana Cardamom Bread Rolls. It’s some wicked tasty stuff. The banana and cardamom flavours works well together. The banana flavour is mellow, and it’s such a moist and soft bread.

Simply delightful with peanut butter.