Rustic Pear Tart

by fattydumpling

I envy those with fruit or veggie gardens. Or even those with a single berry bush or a little patch of chives. What is it like to walk into your yard to see edible things growing merrily along in the sun? I swear, next year, I’m getting a pot and am growing a tomato in my window sill. And maybe some carrots. Ooo, and beans.

A few weeks ago, a family friend invited us over to pick pears from her three pear trees. Three?! Her trees were so seriously heavy with fruit that she was practically gleefully throwing pears at us to take home. In reality, she threw pears at her son from the top of a ladder (he caught them, don’t worry). The ladderless ones picked fruit with bare hands. In the end, my family was waved goodbye while carrying three huge and full IKEA bags of pears home.

How do you like your pears? Ripe, soft, and juicy or crisp, cool, and sweet? The majority of my family like them while they’re crisp—which explains why the pears were consumed so quickly—fresh and plain fruit, just as they are. And they tasted so dang good, man.

I grabbed a few pears for a tart that my sister and I made, and I am running out of ways to say “it was delicious”. In season fruit that was local (how much more local can you get from a backyard?), that only traveled 11 minutes and 49 seconds between homes…actually, I really am not sure if I noticed these characteristics in the taste factor because I just think food tastes good. It helped my conscious, though.

Now, the simple sweet pear filling was sweet and tender. The simple whole wheat pie crust was crispy and flavourful. It was overall a pretty neat dessert that wasn’t overly sweet and was nicely healthier than other tarts. Ellie Krieger’s Rustic Pear Tart recipe is definitely something swell to munch on. Munch munch.