T&T Waterfront Night Market

by fattydumpling

Two night markets in one city? Toronto, seriously? You spoil me.

This past weekend, I visited the T&T Waterfront Night Market and it was pretty sweet. I pretty much spent most of my time travelling from booth to booth, trying to figure out what foodstuff I should trade my coins in for next. Only a wee bit difficult.

Who could deny themselves a taste of this cheeseburger spring roll? Maybe those who had better self restraint. Or felt disgusted. Either or, I took a bite and it was surely something interesting. As tasty as any other fast food product can be.

Tiramisu fruit plate. Sweet fruit on top of sweet whipped cream and nutella on top of a light, crispy, airy Korean rice crisp. Best. Dollar. Spent. Ever. I like being dramatic. I hope that I’m conveying my emotions to you clearly through my dramatics.

Oh my dear, as the night time set in, my picture quality takes a fall as the usage of flash is demanded. But you can probably see that the above picture of some BBQ puffer fish looks like a giant Ruffles potato chip. I probably didn’t die a horrific painful death because this piece of puffer fish was dried. Really, it tasted like dried chewy squid, slathered with a spicy hoisin sauce. It was neat.

Squid on a stick! Squid on a stick!

Before leaving the night market, I got some treats from T&T (a Chinese supermarket, now owned by Loblaws). Sweetness. Does anyone recognize that little anime girl on the fruit drops tin? I basically bought that tin of candy because of her and the significance of fruit drops in the movie. I cry every time when watching the movie. I’ll just name the film for you: Grave of the Fireflies. Now go and watch it, you little hoodlums. And remember your compassion and tissues.