Kare Udon (Curry Udon Soup)

by fattydumpling

I think that I might just be a homebody.

Well, I’m either a homebody or I’m just plain lazy.

When I mentioned my revelations to a friend, he asked, “Are you actually a homebody, or do you just not like leaving home and doing things outside by yourself?” Oooo. More questions ensue.

Am I afraid of being by myself? Should I go out more? Should I go out with the goal of meeting people? Why am I indoors baking and reading when I could be out enjoying festivals and the city? When was the last time I saw the sun’s marvellous, beautiful face? Should I be out and partying and clubbing like the rest of the world’s college population?


There’s no need to worry, fatty dumpling, dear, you are happy in your place.  And you said hello to Ra yesterday. When you feel like it, you can burrow out of your nest and have tea with the moon and her daughters. With biscuits and strawberries and cream. Oh my, drool.

One nice thing about being indoors sometimes is the ability of being near a kitchen and cooking something as comforting as a bowl of  kare udon, a Japanese curry udon noodle soup. And dang, is it tasty.

Do you know any painstakingly truthful people? My parents share nicely blunt opinions about my cooking.  When they don’t like it, they’ll happily tell you why it’s disgusting and how to improve it. Imagine my happiness and joy when they said that they liked my kare udon.

This recipe comes from earthrunner, a lovely Japanese lady living in America. I mention the fact that she is Japanese because when I found out, my head exploded in fireworks—“Manga! Gothic Lolita!  Hostess clubs! Seppuku!  Japanese culture! Her Japanese food must be authentic and delicious!” Too much pressure? No pressure, love. This kare udon has a nice savoury broth, good chunks of veggies, and slippery udon noodles. It’s just the thing to enjoy with nice peeps and family. It’s great in the summer, but would probably be beautiful in the winter. With rice too.

I like slurping the thick noodles. I’m glad that in my culture, loud slurping means that I’m enjoying my food. I’ll just do that at home though because I’m afraid of getting funny looks from strangers. Hmm. Perhaps I’m a homebody because strangers scare me.