Night It Up!

by fattydumpling

Last night, I tasted my first oyster at Night It Up! It tasted…like the ocean. I haven’t tasted the ocean before in order to tell, though. I’m also not really sure whether I liked it.

Night It Up! is a night market, a Toronto festival that celebrates Asian culture by providing the chance to check out food, music, dance, merchandise, and game booths. It was my first time here, and my head couldn’t stop swivelling around to check out all of the booths and the people.

Driving into the festival, I smelled something seriously awful. It smelled like a lovely melange of puke, garbage, and rotting fish. It turned out to be stinky tofu, a popular snack for people in Asia. I had to try it. It tasted just like it smelled and better. It was mild tasting and tofu-ish. I kinda liked it—it was strangely tasty.

I was so pumped to try catching goldfish with paper nets, especially after reading about characters doing it in fiction at Japanese festivals. Then my net ripped after my attempt at catching a particularly fat goldfish. But my siblings saved the day by capturing a few goldfish with new nets. Of course, they didn’t catch any before giving me some nice insults and threats of not speaking to me again because of the shame that I had brought down on the family with my failure.

Marbolicious stir fry ice cream?! Who wouldn’t feel intrigue after reading that? Mmm, so I get to get my first taste of marble slab ice cream and it had a nice Asian flair to it. I chose to have green tea ice cream with oreos and toffee nuts mixed in. So good, so good.

Hence, my night was filled with a lot more things like lamb skewers, black sesame ice cream, and shoes on sale, but it’s not too necessary to document it all, eh? If there is a night market where you dears are situated, I highly suggest you go—there’s a bunch of awesome stuff that you may find. For example, I sadly never found the stall that sold little squiggly squid tentacles on a stick. I really want to go back and try the foods that I didn’t get to taste. Next year, I will concur the foodstuffs. For sures.

P.S. If you find yourself in a photograph and would like me to take it down, please tell me, and I will.