Back from the Valley

by fattydumpling

Hey babes.

I am back. I have returned from my co op work term at an outdoor education centre. I had fabulous co workers, wonderful kids, and a gorgeous time romping in the country side.

Let me share some intense visuals with you.

These pictures do not do my co-op location any justice. It`s gorgeous there and I had a blast teaching kids.

This Torontonian city kid was such a fish out of water. But she enjoyed her walk on land. I hiked practically every day. I had never seen so much green stuff in my life. I realized that Canada was gorgeous beyond its skyscrapers. I woke up one day to find someone`s pet peacock outside my front door. I walked 1 hour (up and down hills) to get to the general store. I played with the pig as if she was a dog. I bushwhacked for the first time. I was in charge of a bee hive. Then I accidentally made the bees mad at me by ripping a hole into a bee frame of honey. I filled my rubber boots with water twice (while still wearing them). Both times were because I thought that I could concur crossing the stream (fail). I used rubber boots for the first time and now really like stepping into puddles, streams, and mud that threaten to go over my boots. I saw wild animals and stepped into their scat. I mourned a baby deer’s leg (the rest of it is nourishing a coyote). I taught kids stuff. Stuff like how to find and examine specimens in a stream to how to be a super awesome cool farm girl. I petted the pig, sheep, steer, chickens, and cats after forgiving the cuties for making me scoop their poop. I have seen so many trees. I was ‘saved’ by firefighters. I got stuck in mud. I have too many bug bites and scratches. I can now identify wood nettle and poison ivy.

My co workers were crazy. The kids were good. I miss it already.