Bulgur and Fruit Breakfast

by fattydumpling

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Fatty Dumpling, who worked at a day camp in Toronto. On this particular day, she was assigned to a camp for 4-5 year olds. She and her fellow camp counselors brought the kiddos to a park to swim in the splash pad and act like little hooligans in the playground.

In the middle of the day, the camp counselors gathered the kids underneath some big trees to have lunch. After running away from a few wasps and breaking out the meal plans, everyone settled down for some good munching.

As Fatty Dumpling dug into her cucumber sandwich, she heard her camp director ask, “Max? Maxwell, what are you doing?”

The girl looked up to find a cute little blonde curly-haired boy licking an orange in one hand—peel and all. “I-I can’t open it”, the little boy exclaimed. “Well, you can ask anybody to help you! There’s me, there’s Tina, and there’s Stephanie; there’s loads of people you can ask”, my camp director replied.

Fatty Dumpling then heard the sound of little feet walking and looked up to find Maxwell pushing his orange to her. “Please open it for me”, he said. The girl peeled the orange and handed it back to the little boy. He didn’t say thank you, but that was alright.

After lunch, Fatty Dumpling began to clean up. When she gathered up the garbage, she found Maxwell’s whole orange with little bites in its orangy flesh. Darn. Fatty Dumpling should have peeled the orange into wedges for Maxwell to eat.

Maxwell cracks me up. I’ve been home in Toronto for the past week after my finals at the University of Guelph, but I’ll be moving to a different town this Monday for my first co op work term—and I will be working with kids.

I’ll be an intern at an outdoor education centre, introducing youngins to the magic that are trees and nature. I might tell the kids white lies about ferocious bears as well just to be funny. I hope to have a fabulous time. I also hope that I’ll be able to bring back some hilarious stories such as this one about Maxwell. Kids are so funny sometimes.

Before I leave, I will be leaving you with my first entry to Kurious Kitteh’s An Affair of Breakfast, which is a promise to make breakfast a wee bit more special then the simple staple of bread and butter.

And I made a beautiful mess.

In reality, I boiled up some bulgur and poached some sliced strawberries and bananas at the same time in the cooking bulgar. Then, I topped the concoction with yogurt, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, honey, and a dollop of peanut butter.

One blog that I like to browse from time to time happen to be Healthy Exposures by…that gal (I just realized that I know her by appearance, but not by name. I’m a creeper). Her breakfasts and meals always seem like some strange colour-intensive beautiful mess, with ingredients that I do not understand, but are nonetheless mesmerizing. So, I set out to do some kind of weird thing too. Thank Buddha it tasted good.

So, An Affair of Breakfast asks the Fatty Dumpling: how has this breakfast affected your life? With the addition of drinking my cranberry tea in the morning for the first time, it has made my already slow mornings even slower. I liked slow. However, when I am at the outdoor education centre for the next two months, I will also enjoy having my meals pre-made for me. I see hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches in my future.