Boller/Cardamom Raisin Buns

by fattydumpling

I have never traveled beyond North America. Heck, I do not even own a passport.

If given half a chance to travel though, I already have a suitcase ready in my left breast pocket. I’m sure that we can somehow trick the feds into letting me climb onto the transportation device as well. Perhaps we can bribe them with baked goods and a promise of a garden gnome as their souvenir?

I probably won’t be travelling any time soon, being the poor university student that I am. A sad university student in the middle of her finals at that. I would love to give the chance for my parents to travel, though. Funny enough, my mom doesn’t want to go back home. Instead, she wants to go someplace beautiful (not that she’s insulting you, Asia, dear).

How about Norway, Ma?

I don’t have the ability to bring you there physically, but perhaps you can imagine you’re there with some good HD-quality video clips and some boller buns. You can bring dad too, if you’d like.

I have never thought much about Norway. I learned in one of my classes this past semester that spanking is illegal in that country. This fact pretty much sums up my knowledge of Norway, but the Norwegian folk do sound nice.

What do I think about when I think of Norway…I think about a Ukrainian friend that I had in high school. He told me that when people usually thought of the Ukraine, they always had the false impression of cold landscapes and cold people when in fact, it is a beautiful country. He shared a story about when he was a boy, his grandfather led him to a gorgeous field in the woods where he chased a giant dragonfly. At least, I think that was what he told me. Then he asked me about my thoughts on the Ukraine. I did not know the country existed until that point in time, so my answer was pretty pathetic: “er…coldness?”

Anyways, after seeing the post and recipe for these Norwegian cardamom raisin buns on Emily Kuross’s blog, Five And Spice, I really wanted to have a taste of them. So I skipped off to the grocery store in search of cardamom, raisins, and yeast to make one of my first breadstuffs.

My yeast mixture didn’t foam. My dough didn’t rise–at the first or second rising periods. These things didn’t matter, though, because the buns came out absolutely delicious. This is my first encounter with cardamom, and I really like the spiciness that it adds to the buns and how it is matched with sweet raisins and soft chewy bread.

I really like these buns. At the moment, I am pretending that I am a Norwegian–hallo! That was Norwegian for “hello”, doncha know.

Now, I was supposed to brush the buns with solely the egg whites so the tops would turn a golden brown. However, I was enamoured with the light appearance of Emily’s buns, so I brushed my buns with the whole egg like she did.

Sacrilege, darling.