Root Beer Float Cake

by fattydumpling

I said hi to Sir Nicolas Santa Claus the other day. And he smiled back at me.

Although he wasn’t the Mr. Claus, he looked a heck lot like him.

For the past couple of weeks, on every Wednesday, I leave my apartment at around 2pm. At about 2:05 pm, I pass by a big burly white-bearded and white-haired man in a construction uniform as I walk to class. I was sure that he may have begun to recognize me by now so I greeted him.

After he gave his reply to my great happiness, I passed by an older lady walking my way a few minutes later. She looked like a gentle, strong lady. Kind of like what Mrs. Santa Claus might look like. So I smiled at her. And she smiled back at me.

That was a good day.

Do you have a story of when you found out that Santa “did not exist”? I never got the opportunity to since I learned about his “nonexistence” upon learning about him in the first place.

There was one sad night when my sister was about 5 years old. She insisted on leaving out a glass of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. My mom exclaimed, “Why? That’s a waste of milk!” She relented, though, and left a glass of milk out for the old man. However, on the next morning, it was still there. My sister wasn’t happy.

I believe in Mr. Claus. I know he exists. That is, in another dimension at least.

Nonetheless, there is one thing that exists in our dimension that we can believe in. That thing is cake, my friends. Especially delicious cake.

That’s the best kind of cake, I bet.

Thus, I baked that kind of cake with one of my housemates a few days ago. Let’s call that housemate Jellyfish. Jellyfish and I settled on baking Joy the Baker’s Root Beer Float Cake. Then we decided to make it a wedding cake. Just for kicks. Now, what happens when you get two amateur bakers to create a wedding cake? Nothing short of a mess.

Pure gorgeousness, yes?

Taste-wise, this cake is superb. Although we left the cake untouched overnight so the root beer taste could develop, the taste was very subtle. However, it was still a cake that is da bomb when it comes to fudgy texture and chocolate taste. Jellyfish and I messed with the recipe big time, though.

No bundt pans. No dark chocolate cocoa. Ran out of normal cocoa. No baking chocolate. Subbed lots of stuff with bittersweet chocolate chips. No matter. No matter at all. We came out of this with full bellies and chocolate-smeared mouths. Lots of dirty dishes. Crumbs everywhere.

Now, whose wedding was it? Let’s pretend we celebrated the anniversary of the Claus’s. It was beautiful.

Then we gave the cake to my other housemate to celebrate the anniversary of her birth early. Isn’t it great when you make a multi-purpose cake?