Chocolate Tahini Quick Bread

by fattydumpling

I have contradictory food habits.

As a blogger of food, you had probably assumed that I like food. That is quite correct. However, I am one of those people who consistently said things like, “This is so bad for me…but it tastes SO GOOD”. Then I would continue eating said food. Then I would proceed to feel guilty as I eat said food.

I don’t like feeling guilty. I don’t like feeling as though I have to apologize, to myself or otherwise, for eating something—especially when it is something that I want to enjoy. Thus, I will make a personal mission. I want to wholeheartedly enjoy making and eating my foods. Even if they are indulgences.

If I feel that I should stop; be it because of health issues; or be it because I’m a turkey that can no longer be stuffed; or be it because the food is disgusting; I will stop. I want to feel joy when I eat, not a contradiction. Did that sound as mean to you as it did to me? Perhaps I will continue eating when someone’s feelings are on the line.

I promise that I won’t overindulge, my dears. I know my limits.

I made some food, you guys. This Chocolate Tahini Quick Bread recipe comes from the blogger, Have Cake, Will Travel. I’ve made a few of Celine’s creations before and have enjoyed all of them—her blog introduced me to the wonderful world of seitan. This bread is no exception to the yummy stuff.

Vegan cooking and baking is one of those things that I really enjoy exploring. It makes me excited, how clever vegans are about their substitutions. Actually, I should not even call things like tofu or wheat gluten substitutions because they are just as good as the other stuff and deserve their own recognition as individual ingredients. I just get the giggles when I begin to use untraditional ingredients to make such delicious things.

This quick bread is delicious. Although I forgot to add 1/3 of the cocoa needed, it still came out yummy. I even subbed honey for the maple syrup and it still came out yummy. I have never had maple syrup before, sadly. It would be great to try this bread without the modifications because it would surely taste more rich with more chocolate and maple syrup…

The bread’s very moist, and if you concentrate, you can pick out the different flavours. If you blur your taste buds, you can taste the melange of flavours. I feel very happy while eating this bread.

Spiced chocolate? And some funny tahini? I’m there.