by fattydumpling

Are you a song bird or a night owl? No, I am not off my rocker, I know that you are all human (or at least most of you). I am referring to your sleep patterns. Most of the people that I know would sleep deep into the morning if you give them half a chance. This is a good opportunity to eat all of the good stuff in the fridge, actually. I ran to the kitchen once because I wanted the last bagel.

It tasted good.

If I were to choose a bird, I would say that I am a pigeon. I do not wake up loudly in the morning, but I do not hunt in the dark. However, I am still there, wobbling around, at all times of the day. Possibly cooing. But probably not.

A few days ago, I stayed up until two AM to bake some granola.  When do you bake? There is something satisfying about baking in the night time. While everyone else is lost in their dream worlds, I am making a secret in the kitchen.

I like granola. It tastes good. I have made two batches of granola before with different recipes, but those two has nothing on Regina Rae’s (KILLAH!) Clumpy Granola. This granola is by far the tastiest that I’ve made or eaten. The best part of this granola is that it is both crunchy and clumpy. There are so many delicious nuts. I am serious, boys and girls. I finished the entire batch in less than a week.

One of the greatest ways to eat granola is with fruit and yogurt at breakfast time. It’s so beautiful that I may cry.

Fatty Dumpling didn’t cry, but she’s a happy duckling. Or rather, dumpling.