Dutch Baby

by fattydumpling

Hey friends.

Don’t you just clap your hands together in frightful glee when a simple recipe works dandy-fine?

I do.

Drawing inspiration from my pal, kuriouskitteh, and a recipe by paninigirl, I made my own Dutch baby. Traditional ones are made in cast iron pans. But alas, I was lacking one, so I used my square baking pan.

Thus, my dutch baby came out a little funny.

It’s wobbly.

Its nonconformist attitudes created nice pockets for fruit toppings when I quartered it. And it is so delicious. It tastes like Yorkshire pudding. One of my housemates likened it to a cross between an egg tart and a croissant.

The Dutch baby becomes even more decadent with the addition of berries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Oh, joy.