Chicken, Red Grape, and Pesto Pizza

by fattydumpling

What do you do when you are eating something and your classmates begin to ridicule you because that food item was different? What do you do when people tease and joke that you were going to grow a second head, that you were going to sprout wings, or that you would be dead in 10 days because you were eating something that they were unfamiliar with? I laughed it off. My housemate defiantly defended her food choices. Three years later, she brought me a few of those foods that caused so much controversy in high school. Pluots.

Pluots are a hybrid of plums and apricots, and they sure are tasty little buggers. So sweet and juicy. I always have pluot juice running down my chin while eating them. My other housemate ate her’s over the kitchen sink. I laughed. With her, of course.

These pluots aren’t GMO. But then again, even if they were GMO, should they be treated with fear? There is so much controversy and misunderstandings concerning genetically modified foods. Some concerns are understandable, like safety and the environment. But then again, why can’t GMOs be given a chance? I am sure that organic foods and GMOs can live beside one another quite happily. I know I like them both. I don’t know much about the matter, but I do know that pluots sure are scrumptious.

I cooked something scrumptious the other day that also has a unique blend of flavours. How do you think chicken, red grapes, and pesto would taste on a pizza?

This was my first homemade pizza and it’s such a hilarious one. So good. The sweetness of the grapes works surprisingly well with the salty pesto. The original recipe for this chicken, red grape, and pesto pizza comes from Cooking Light. For my own pizza, I made a lot of substitutions, though. Who needs rotisserie chicken? I pan fried mine. Just slap it onto your pizza pie and cook it in that sweet dear oven of yours.

I’m convinced that this pizza of strange unions will surely convince people to put aside their differences and bite into a pluot together, yes? If not…I’ll kneel behind them, you push, and we can run away laughing maniacally after they’ve fallen down. That won’t teach them anything about diversity, but it will make me feel a wee bit better. For sure.