Doubletree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies

by fattydumpling

Happy belated lunar new year, my peeps.

Happy belated lurve day.

Happy belated family day, my fellow Ontarions. Ontario-ians? Ontarianians? My fellows who live within the same provincial borders as I do.

And happy belated beginning of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! (Goshdarn Nobunari Oda’s broken skate lace)

I was ecstatic to find out that my reading week fell on such an auspicious series of days. So I ran (i.e. rode the Greyhound/bussed/sat in a subway car) home with glee. One of the things that I had done was go to Pacific Mall to see some of the festivities. Unfortunately, I missed any dragon dances that they may have had but my spirits rose when I saw Jimmy Poon selling Dragon’s beard candy from his yellow cart.

Do you remember my last post and how I wrote about my eating anything and not caring about labels? Well, my doctor said that I’ll die if I don’t change my eating habits.


Actually, she wasn’t quite so eloquent with her words, but that was the gist of it. Oh well, I chose gluttony over a painless life this past week instead and made some chocolate chip cookies with Sie Phuong and Yong Fei >]

I’m keeping my dragon’s beard and chocolate for now.

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is supposed from the DoubleTree hotel. I’ve never eaten their cookies in order to compare taste, but these cookies are delicious. I’m serious; this recipe will become my go-to chocolate chip cookie from now on.

Cookie preferences, especially chocolate chip cookie preferences, are so personal. For myself, I like crispy outside, chewy inside types. Textured cookies. I’m not the biggest fan of soft or cakey cookies. I cringe a little when I bite into one and realize…the insides haven’t finished baking yet.

No offense to cookie dough eaters. I like cookie dough. I just want my baked cookies to be baked ;]

Now, these chocolate chip cookies are loaded with chocolate chips, have wonderful texture that is crispy, chewy, crunchy etc. They are sweet and spatula-licking good. I highly recommend this recipe. I also highly recommend President’s Choice chocolate chips if you live by a No Frills. They are yum.

I baked this cookie with butter one time and margarine the second time. I like them both. I’m also too impatient to chill the dough. Still tasty. Eating them a few days after? Delicious.

I’ve also learned some things about cookie storage over the years. Airtight containers=soft cookies. So, crispy people, let your cookies have some air flow! They need to feel the breeze flow through their crumbs.