Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread

by fattydumpling

Have you ever walked up to a nice man in a grocery store and ask for black bananas? I haven’t. I made my housemate do it. She did it pretty well. The nice man even walked into the back room and came out with a nice bag of ripe bananas for us. They weren’t black, but they worked fabulously for Joy the Baker’s low fat oatmeal banana bread recipe nonetheless.

What do you think of when you hear low fat? Or less sugar? Or no salt? I don’t understand it all. These words on wrappers and boxes sometime persuades me to buy foods. At other times, I get confused to why I should be thinking about that kind of science when eating sweets. Thus, I eat everything ;D

Everything tasty, mind you.

I baked with shortening for the first time a few months ago and that block of vegetable fat looked so mysterious. It was so white and smooth and artificial and…white. It is the symbol of the future, man. Clean-cut and perfect. Then I smushed its perfection into the cookies I was making, and those things were scrumptious, yo.

Anyways, back to the banana bread, I was just saying that I won’t be sticking my spork into veggie shortening to eat like ice cream anytime soon.

If low fat foods are known to be sadly tasteless, this banana bread’s breaking rules. It tastes gorgeously of bananas and is such a moist bread. I can understand peoples’ amazement with this bread’s moistness though, being the pretend chemist that I am. Very little oil, and no butter at all? Everyone, all hail the banana. This **** is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

My wit is totally awesome.